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'Badass Guitar Licks' out now ! 

'Mr Badass' - album out now ! 


HELL KISSES THE EARTH - out now on Bandcamp

DEFINING ARMAGEDDON - Out now on Bandcamp


30/12/2014: My new DVD 'Badass Guitar Licks is available now from the merch store !

10/10/2014: I've unleashed a new Youtube video chock full of outrageous shred guitar called, you guessed it, "Another 30 Shredders". Watch it here

25/09/2014: I've uploaded a quick teaser of a new track which will appear on the 2nd solo album. Watch it here !

24/06/2014: Hey guys, just wanted to drop in and say hi. I'm working on my second solo album which will be a follow up to 'Mr. Badass'. Andrea De Carolis will also be returning to punish the drum skins again ! There's some ridiculously catchy riffs and some of my favourite soloing ever so far so I'm well excited to see how this one turns out. When will it be out ? Who knows, we haven't even recorded it yet ! But we work quick so expect to be surprised with it sometime later this year - Ben

12/04/2014: MR. BADASS is out now ! Get your copy from Ben's official Bandcamp !

06/04/2014: MR. BADASS is nearly here ! Ben's debut solo album 'MR. BADASS' will be released on 12th April via Bandcamp. A teaser video for the album can be viewed here.

31/03/2014: Ben is currently at work on his debut solo album. Ben has been working alongside Italian drummer Andrea De Carolis to bring an explosive mix of brutal riffs and mind blowing lead guitar work. 

09/02/2014: MERCH SALE NOW ON ! £5 for all Tees !

03/01/2014: Ben's first novel, "The Hammer" is available now to download on Kindle!

03/11/2013: New tracks 'ILIOS', "HEKTOR, TAMER OF HORSES' & 'ACHILLES THE SLAYER' up now on

22/09/2013: The Warlord 'Soul Breaker', Ben's signature distortion pedal, is now available to buy !

17/09/2013: HELL KISSES THE EARTH IS HERE !! The title track features ex Megadeth / OHM guitar legend Chris Poland who lends his fiery legato to sit in a back to back shredathon with Ben.

16/09/2013: Great review of the new album by 'Two Guys Metal Reviews'

"With the help of vocalist Rob Lungren, Ben Higgins, the band's founder and mastermind, pumps each song full of gritty attitude and completes the dream package" - The Metal Advisor

Kicking ass through the medium of heavy metal.